The Stress Drop Formula

6 week correspondence course for relaxed, resilient living

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      Do you crave a calmer more resilient way of living?

      I know that feeling.

      I've been there.

      I also know that you can change how you feel.
      You can drop your stress and replace it with a much greater inner calm. But you need to take action.

      Hi, I'm Anne Marshall, known as The Mindset Medic. I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Health Coach and author of The Stress Drop Formula.

      Each week, for six weeks I'll be here in the background waiting to hear from you and work with you as you take active steps to release the damaging effects of stress and build up your inner strengths and natural resilience.

      I've helped thousands of people from all walks of life to increase their wellbeing by using the simple and practical self-help tools I share with you in this six-week correspondence course.

      It's what I love teach and I'm looking forward to working with you!

      Over the years I've helped over 2,000 students just like you to take back control in situations of chronic or overwhelming stress and enjoy a lighter, more relaxed way of living.

      The Stress Drop Formula is a six-week email correspondence course leading you gently through the transition from debilitating stress to relaxed resilience.

      For six continuous weeks from the start of your course, I’ll be here in the background guiding you and supporting you as you take positive steps towards a calmer and more resilient way of life.

      Ultimately The Stress Drop Formula isn't my 'formula', it's yours. I'm just here to help you and keep you company as you discover for yourself the way back to a much lighter and healthier way of living.

      What you can expect to gain from this course

      This course is about what to do when you find it difficult to relax for long enough or deeply enough for both body and mind to gain any real benefit

      Each part has been carefully crafted to help you let go of stress and tension and then connect with a deep level of relaxation, mindful awareness and inner stillness.

      If you would like some help to relax more deeply, connect more easily with feelings of inner peace, or simply shield yourself from some of the stresses and strains of the day then this course is for you.

Intended Audience: This course is ideally suited to anyone working in a high pressure profession who would like to reduce their stress levels and build greater internal resilience.

Anne Watkins


Anne Watkins, is a retired Midwife based in the UK.  She has a thriving practice as a  Clinical Hypnotherapist and Medical Writer and loves to teach self-help techniques to release stress and improve well-being.