Just Baby And Me

In this wonderfully relaxing audio you will be guided to have an inner conversation with the soul of your unborn baby.

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In this delightfully relaxing audio you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation where you can have an 'inner conversation' and strengthen your bond with your growing baby.

I'll be guiding you to express your love for your baby as well as telling them how you are getting ready for their arrival.
This is a time when the soul is not yet bound by the body so it can communicate with you with full conscious awareness which also makes it a perfect time for you to listen to any information that they would also like to make you aware of.
This is perfect time for you and the soul of your unborn child to get to know each other better and it's my pleasure to help you do that.
Play time 21 minutes

The powerful suggestions contained within this audio track are designed to take your attention inwards. Please do not listen whilst driving, or performing any activity that requires your external conscious awareness.

Intended Audience: Pregnant ladies and their partners

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Anne Watkins


Anne Watkins, is a retired Midwife based in the UK.  She has a thriving practice as a  Clinical Hypnotherapist and Medical Writer and loves to teach self-help techniques to release stress and improve well-being.